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These days are totally new to all of us, these times are unsettling, there's no doubt about it.

Probably now it's more important than ever to look inward for BALANCE, strength and PEACE.

These times call for new beginnings, establishing new habits and most important looking out for ourselves and everyone around us.

If you want to find balance within yourself and let go of all the strange thoughts and fears and negativity that surround us nowadays, a good way is to take the time to practice Pilates, Yoga or whatever workout you prefer to do ( which by the way is ALWAYS a good idea ((:

As physical distance is essential at the moment TidelinesTraining has started to offer online sessions. If you are interested just write an email

Also, you'll find workout hints and descriptions of certain exercises in the NEWS section of the website in this Blog.

So, take some time for yourself today.

To let your practice remind you of the most fundamental principal we all have to be grateful for... life.

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