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Half Moon pose

Half Moon pose Ardha Chandrasana

The half moon yoga pose is a standing, balancing pose that is particularly challenging. Be sure you know your fundamentals and are able to do the Triangle Pose before you attempt Half Moon.


This pose strengthens the ankles and thighs, stretches the hamstrings. It improves your balance and core strength. Also it tones the lower region of the spine and the nerves connected with the leg muscles and it strenghtens the knees.


  1. Begin in Triangle pose with the right leg forward. Bend your right knee softly and bring your left hand to your hip.

  2. Bring your right hand to the floor infront of your right foot. Your hand should be under your shoulder when you are in the full pose, in order to set it up in the correct position place it about 30cm infront of your right foot.

  3. With an exhalation raise the left leg from the floor, toes pointing up. Stretch the right hand and the right leg .

  4. Place the left palm over the left hip and stretch up, keeping the shoulders up. Turn the chest to the left and balance.

  5. The weight of the body is borne on the right foot and hip. The right hand is only a support to control the balance.

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