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Healthy snacks for athletes -Hummus

I have been asked by some clients about my nutrition, which food I eat and also for some advice on healthy snacks. To start off with, as you might have guessed donuts, chocolate bars or chips don't typically make my list of healthy fuel for athletes. If you want to make sure you have healthy options to fuel your body prepare your own food and fluids.

You don't always have to cook or prepare, a banana along with some nuts is always a good option.

Snacks (but any other meal aswell) should do more than just fill your stomach, they should contribute nutrients to support growth, development, health and sports performance.

Carbohydrates serve as the primary source of energy during activities of higher intensity. Healthy carbohydrate food sources include fruits, vegetables, whole-grain cereals breads and pastas.

Protein plays a key role in muscle repair and growth.

So let's sum it up – carbohydrates, protein and healthy fats provide the fuel needed to maintain energy and promote stamina and endurance.

With that said, I'd like to share a Hummus recipe with you. Hummus is a good source of plant- based protein. The chickpea based dip is a rich source of heathy fats and fiber, both of which are also impportant for herat health. It also contains essential trace minerals and vitamins, such as calcium, iron potassium, folate and B vitamins.

The recipe I am going to share with you, is my favorite Hummus recipe by my dear friend Verena Gleichentheil. She's an all-around sports lady, but wingfoiling, surfing, wakeboarding and windsurfing are her beloved sport avtivities. Besides boardsports on the water she likes and knows very well how to bake delicious gluten free bread, roll sushi and prepare Hummus.

Here's the recipe:

* 800g chickpeas (from can)

or 250 g dried chickpeas: wash the chickpeas and cover them in water leave for 20 hours. After that wash them again.

Boil the chickpeas and gently simmer them for 2 hours. Add a teespoon bakingpowder, chickpeas' peel will open more easily

and the Hummus is going to be smoother.

*1,5 tablespoons cumin powder

*1 lemon

*2 garlic cloves

*3 tablespoons Tahini (approx 90g)

*2-3 tablespoons olive oil


Put all ingredients in a bowl, mix them well with a hand blender until Hummus gets really creamy. READY (:

You can spice the Hummus up with cilantro (my favorite!!) and or a bit of chili.

Eat with vegetable sticks or full grain pita bread.


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