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WORKOUT @ HOME and the mistakes that might happen

Has the pandemic derailed your fitness goals? Millions of fitness enthusiasts around the world were left without the opportunity to squeeze in a workout in their favorite spot: the Gym

For the past few months gyms have taken a backseat and according to some fitness industry experts, working out at home is the new normal.

But exercising at home also comes along with some major mistakes when you do your workout in your casa:

  • Inconsistency: Going to the gym might be hard, but once you're at the gym you get a surge of motivation to start and continue working out. Factors like a training partner waiting a fixed routine or schedule and or gym buddies make the routine consistent.

  • Boring routines: During home workouts the mistake that happens is not focusing on variety and keeping things interesting. The reason might be a lack of resources, creativity etc. Keep your focus on variety. Diversity will help you build your overall fitness. Also it is essential to cover different muscle groups.

  • Exercising without a plan: Chances are that without a plan we are not going to stick with that helter-skelter activity. At home we tend to get into a laid back mode. When working out without a coach who gives us daily workout goals and instructions, we have to do it by ourselves. So it is crucial that you start creating a plan, an ambitious goal and a reasonable time limit.

  • Bad form: If you are doing Pilates or Yoga or even burpees and squats, lunges etc. it is really crucial that you nail the positions just right to get their maximum benefits and more importantly prevent yourself from doing harm to your body while performing the exercises in a wrong way. As you are exercising your instructor points out what you are doing wrong and what you should improve. At home you have to rely on your own knowledge . For beginners this can sometimes even be dangerous.

  • Losing motivation because of no supervision: This is a common mistake we all make. An instructor will help you focus on your goal. If you see your workout buddies progressing, you get motivated too. So make sure to set up weekly/monthly goals and measure how far you've come towards them.

If you want to avoid these and other mistakes and still want to avoid big gyms and fitness centers I highly recommend to

  • take a personal trainer who will guide you through your workout, and prepare you for your home workout, write a training plan/schedule and motivate you. Or

  • get together with your fitness buddies in a small group (of max 6-8 persons) and seek out for a coach who will organize weekly workout classes for you (away from the crowds). Or

  • join the guided live online classes

Guess what, TidelinesTraining is your alternative for working out at home alone (:

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