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the T E A S E R

The Teaser is the shining star of the Pilates mat series of exercises. It requires a strong and deep connection to the powerhouse to move into and stabilize the position.

The Teaser is an exercise worth learning. It takes a lot of strength, flexibility and balance - all the things we like to develop in Pilates.

This exercise strengthens the whole body and incorporates a lot of muscles including:

all of the abdominal muscles, hip flexors and spinal extensors.

At targeting your external obliques and rectus abdominus, the Teaser in fact is way more effective than crunches. Its goal is to use your core together with the hip flexors and spinal flexors to come up to and hold the position.

The benefits of the teaser include:

+ increased abdominal strength

+ improved balance

+ strengthening of the abs and back extensors

+stretching of the hamstrings and the hips

+ improved spinal articulation and strength

To prep your body for the Teaser there are a lot of Pilates exercises such as the Roll Up, Open leg rocker the Hamstring stretch just to name a few. As stated before, it takes a lot of control and connection to the powerhouse to perform the Teaser correctly. It takes concentration and correct breathing. From my experience I can tell you, both - the road to and the actual performance of the Teaser are worth it. You and your body will really benefit from it

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