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The extended Triangle | Utthita Trikonasana

Many people suffering from lower back pain spend most of their time sitting at work.

Let me introduce you: The extended triangle pose or utthita trikonasana

(amongst numerous others) is thought to be effective for helping to relieve those daily pains and aches. There are more factors that cause these lower back pains like weak abdominal muscles, one thing that many wouldn't think of, is that people with very tight hips and hamstrings often suffer from lower back pain.

So, here is where the extended triangle pose comes into the game.

The transition of the position can help to loosen up your muscles and joints, easing pain in the back and other sites of chronic pain.

Once you are in the pose, I want to point out some important hints that you can focus on and to refine the pose to get more even.

Turn your attention to your feet and legs. Make sure all 4 corners of your feet bear weight evenly. Then use the strength of your legs to firmly root your feet into the floor. Rotate your front thigh ought so that your kneecap is aligned with the center of your front foot.

Then bring attention to your pelvis. In the beginning you'll have to experiment until you can strike a balance between tucking the butt under forcefully and sticking it ou behind you. To find the ideal placement of your pelvis you should rotate it up and down to find out about the position where you don't have to force your pelvis and thus push it beyond its endpoint. So stop the rotation once the easy, fluid movement ceases, otherwise, with overrotation the lower back and sacrum will be compressed.

Next put your awarness towards your torso and rips. Try to extend and lenghten the bottom rips keeping both sides of your waist as even as possible. Rotate your chest skyward!

Take a deep breath and scan your body.

After 6-8 breaths in Trikonasana lift your torso until you come all the way up back standing. Then switch side.

And enjoy the benefits with this posture

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